How to Create In-Room Mockups

How to Create In-Room Mockups

by Mike Chanter on Mar 17, 2021

How I Create In-Room Mockups

We all know the benefits of a nice shot of your artwork on a wall in a beautifully furnished room. But what's the best way to create them?

When I began selling my art online I realised that creating in-room shots would be a very important part of marketing my work. The obvious starting point was to use a photo editing app, buy some stock room photos and get to it.

I already had a photoshop subscription, so all I needed was to purchase some images from Shutterstock. This worked well and produced reasonable results. It was however time consuming, and to purchase rooms on an ongoing basis also became expensive.

Enter a clever little iPad app called Artrooms. This app allowed me to upload a photo, drop it into a room, add a drop shadow and a frame and voila - it's done. This proved to be a huge time saver and at a cost of about $12 a month for the subscription it was well worth it.

Time for a change...

While doing my usual Instagram marketing I stumbled across a new app - Canvy. It looked interesting and had some features that I felt were lacking in Artrooms. I signed up for a free trial and was immediately impressed with all the options for composing a scene.

So here is my list of the top features I love about Canvy.

1. Every room image lets you change materials and colours.

2. Every room image lets you change the wall material and the colour of a wall.

3. You can control the thickness and frame material and matt thickness and colour.

4. You can add multiple artwork to a room.

5. Paintings can be moved behind objects, adding realism to the compostion.

To Sum Up

Canvy has become my app of choice for creating in-room mockups. It is by far the most powerful, elegant way to produce varied and striking images for promoting artwork.

Visit the Canvy website to explore the features for yourself.

The kind people at Canvy have offered my readers exclusive free 2 months access to Canvy Pro. Just click the link below to use the voucher.