Home Design Magazine Feature

Home Design Magazine Feature

by Tania Chanter on Dec 28, 2023

The December 2023 issue of Home Design magazine unveils an exclusive glimpse into the world of Tania Chanters' art. In this feature article, we delve into the immersive and joyful realm of Tania's creations that beckon you to linger, inviting a captivating journey of discovery.

Below is the full article text:


Tania’s joyful work is immersive. It invites you to linger. The more you look, the more it reveals itself to the viewer, and what a journey it is.

Her foray into the art world was a per chance stroke of serendipity. Her sons had been viewing American painter and instructor Bob Ross’s videos on YouTube. The boys were inspired and suggested they gather some painting supplies and have a go themselves. “After an afternoon spent painting under an oak tree following the gentle tones of Bob Ross, I was hooked,” says Tania. This self-taught artist’s work is evolving as she continues to delve into her own style. “The more I paint, the more I realise how much there is to learn,” she reflects.

Tania began creating her artworks with the wet-on-wet oil technique, but soon shifted exclusively to acrylics. She incorporates a lot of impasto in most pieces because of the textural element. Impasto is where the paint is thickly laid on, so brush strokes and palette knife marks are evident. She describes her work, which is abstract landscapes, as rich in texture and mood; it’s an emotional perception of the Australian landscape.“Slow movement of clouds, the shade of trees, the falling of a raindrop, tumultuous waves, branches of trees and blades of grass create their own special mood of the moment,” she explains.

Tania draws her inspiration from nature and the deep inner peace she feels when outdoors. “My feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow,” she reveals. “Layers, textures and colours blend and evolve before me until some secret inner part of me feels satisfied.”

Among her popular artworks are the aerial landscapes that grace boardrooms and foyers of the corporate world. Tania’s seascapes, which she says are softer and whimsical, are more sought after by women. In her home, Tania likes mixing patterns and texture to add depth and eye-catching contrasts to a space. “I enjoy mixing and matching a couple of accent cushions on a sofa or a bed, or style a shelf with textured accessories,”she says.

Art for Tania is work, an occupation she is very passionate about. “Art, like any job that you love, can become allconsuming, so I am very conscious that there are bigger issues in life. Issues that relate to injustice, the future for humans and the earth are all things that I care about,” she shares. HD