Between The Rocks

Hi Tania,

I have moved your gorgeous painting downstairs into my living area. The position of the wall light is unfortunate (I curse it daily) but having your picture here where I see it everyday has really given the space some life and warmth and makes the area look much more interesting. I get many compliments from my visitors on your beautiful work of art, so I wanted to share it with you - the real compliment belongs to you :)

- Suzzanne

Dusks Tender Kiss

Hi Tania,

It’s up and we are so happy.

Thanks again for this wonderful painting.

- Heidi

The Plains Tender Kiss

Dear Tania,

We finally had ‘The Plains Tender Kiss’ hung today. 

We love it. 🥰

- Michelle

Days End


My name is Chris, husband to Sarah who was the one who fell in love with your wonderful piece and introduced it to our family (two daughters, Zoé and Hannah).

We finally bought our first family home in Perth a few years back and just recently finished the major renovations of the living room to the point where we were desperate to start sprucing up the great white walls!  Sarah is in charge of the "art direction" of the house and sat on Day's End for quite some time before bringing it formerly to "The Council" for approval.  The girls were all over it instantly and I was allowed a couple of days to "decide" whether I liked it or not.  My artistic sense is largely limited to painting myself into a corner so this wasn't as easy a decision as it was for others.  The pragmatist in me asked all the (apparently) wrong questions about its suitability but I eventually quelled all of that by having the piece up on the big screen and staring at it intently for longer than was likely necessary.All this to say that, despite a generous amount of nerves (this is our first real art purchase), we are totally over the moon with your piece.  Fantastic is not high enough praise, my previewing on the big screen is no comparison and even the photos attached here do not do the piece justice.  The presence it has in our house is surreal and amazing.  We originally intended to put it on the longer wall of the living room (hence the size choice) but after trying it on the shorter wall, there was no question that's where it was meant to be.  From here it becomes the first thing you see walking into the house, is in line with the sitting corner of the room, is visible from the dining room and easily looked at from all typical seating spots on the sofa.Day's End will be enjoyed daily by our family and by anyone who sets foot in our house.  For that, we will forever be thankful.  

Wishing you the best,

- Chris, Sarah, Zoé and Hannah

Where the Grasses Meet the Sea

Hi Tania,

Thank you so much for the pack of greeting cards and bookmarks. That's very generous. All of those works are equally wonderful. OUR art looks FABULOUS. Looks like it's been in our kitchen dining forever.. seems like home❤️. My son says it has changed the feel of the kitchen. So much warmer. We all think the piece is marvellous. And without knowing where it is... outback represents beautiful memories and special experiences for us . I'll text photos but the art looks small in photos however its not small at all in real life. I just can't grab a perfect snap. Lovely to meet you. You are very talented and I completely understand why you are one of Blue Thumbs top artists. Congratulations on your success. Your work has made us so happy. Warmest regards

- Janette

Caressed by Sunnymead

Hi Tania,

My name is Thomas. My wife and I bought your artwork titled ‘Caressed By Sunnymead’ off bluethumb. I have attached some photos of the artwork as requested in your card.

It is absolutely stunning and we are so pleased with our purchase. It has really brightened up the room. Thank you so much. We will be sure to keep an eye out for your artworks in the future! 

Kind regards,

- Thomas 

Meandering South

Hi Tania,

I got the most beautiful of painting on my wall. I can not stop watching it. Billion thanks!


- Bita

Born by the Sea

Hi Tania,

We have received your fabulous painting and just want to send you a huge thank you and tell you how thrilled we are to have your artwork hanging in our home. I too am an artist and have been following your artwork journey for some time. When I saw “Born by the Sea” pop up for sale it was an instant had to have.

Thank you for creating beautiful artworks.

Sending you very best regards from

- Margaret River, WA.

Open Country

Hi Tania,

Your beautiful artwork arrived in Canberra safe and sound!

When we unwrapped it we decided that it was actually made for our dining room. Here’s a couple of pictures of it hanging.

Thank you so much, it will be treasured.

- Penny

Meandering Spring

Hi Tania,

Thank you for the lovely card and dropping the painting around yesterday. We absolutely love it and have it in our entry way where it can bring pleasure to all those that visit our home. Here is a photo attached. Our 15 month old daughter is also a big fan of it, when we showed her she said 'wow'.Thanks again,

- Mira 

Way Out West

Dear Tania,

Thank you for your card. I've attached a photo of your work in our dining room. We are thoroughly enjoying seeing it in different light throughout the day. It's a bold addition and we are very happy with it.Kind regards

- Maria

Floating Free

Hi Tania

Beautiful work, I always get excited

when I see your artwork.

I bought one of yours recently,

Floating Free. It was a special gift to

my daughter Edda, her first original

artwork by an accomplished artist.

We absolutely love it. It has pride of

place in her little house on our

property in the Gold Coast


Have a lovely day and thank you for

sharing your beautiful art.

Kind regards,

- Inga

Gorge Sunrise

Hi Tania,

Here’s a picture of Gorge Sunrise in my home.

Absolutely love the painting and it’s a perfect fit for the space!


- Scott

Wandering the Glassy Shores

Hi Tania,

We absolutely love your paintings. I literally get a lump in my throat whenever I stop and look at them – actually, I float into them and lose myself for a while. I don’t know how you do it but it’s awe inspiring.

I do very much appreciate you having created them.

- Steve Ryan.

Dawn Sky Serenade

Hi Tania,

I’ve recieved Dawn Sky Serenade and I love it.

It’s currently in my lounge and it’s been wonderful to watch the color, light, and shade change as the natural light in the room chages. I’m not sure where it will live permanently, we’ll spend some time getting a feel for each other but as soon as Dawn and I decide, I’ll send you a picture. Thank you. I’m planning a gallery down my hall so

I’ll keep following your work.


- Paul

Meandering the Pastures of Hope

Hi Tania,

The install went well yesterday. The piece looks stunning on the wall and right at home 😊 and the frame looks great too.
The client is so happy and loves it.


- Charmain
Derlin Design

Lockdown 250

Dear Tania,

Lockdown 250 arrived late this afternoon. I am so, so happy to have your painting. It is to be part of an installation on a staircase that overlooks our living area. We are in one of Brisbane’s old woolstores, with a 28 foot high ceiling, hence the need for many pieces, rather than one. It will hang in proximity to a Christian Benoit, which we brought home from Paris, quite a few years ago.

Thank you for adding to my joy – I

hope you will always have the career you so richly deserve.

PS. My daughter tells me that seeing feathers mean that someone is looking after you. Such a great focus for meditation!

Again, many thanks. I’m loving this piece.

- Joan

Sapphire Trail


I received the artwork today and it is absolutely beautiful. As I walk up my stairs it feels like I’m walking intothe landscape. I love it.

Thank you so, so much.

- Marijana

Dusk at the Prom

Good morning Tania. Just wanted to

say thank you again, we are so

thrilled by your painting.

We hung it last night, so we

thought we would share it with you.

Take care and wishing you all the


- Trish & Adrien

Red Hill

Hi Tania,

The ‘Red Hill’ painting arrived a

couple of days ago. Sorry for not

letting you know sooner. Have

needed to take a break from emails.

It’s on our hallway wall already but

not yet framed. It’s on my to-do list. I

have some lovely coconut palm

wood which has a really funky grain

and I think will match the painting

really well.

It really is a lovely piece.

Thank you.

- Peter.

Light of Hope

Dear Tania,

Thank you very much for the quick shipment of your beautiful artwork, Light of hope. I instantly fell in love with this piece and I think it looks amazing in our dining space.

- Nicole

Forever Grateful

I feel very privileged to have the freedom to express myself through art. I feel even more thankful when someone is prepared to part with their hard earned money to purchase one of my paintings.

Below are some of the kind words sent from people
who have done just that.

To them I am forever grateful.

Commission Me

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