Tania is an abstract artist based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

Tania's work is driven by intuition, a love of colour, texture and pattern. Whether it's a peaceful meandering river, or a thunderous storm ravaging the coastline, her aim is to capture the atmosphere and communicate emotion.

From an early age, Tania has harboured an innate desire to convey the emotional depth she experiences through nature's wonders. Her canvas becomes a conduit for these feelings, allowing them to flow freely in an uninterrupted, intuitive manner. Layers, textures, and colours blend and transform until a sense of inner satisfaction is achieved.

“painting is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction.”

My story

Tania's journey into the world of professional art began almost accidentally. Her oldest son discovered Bob Ross – an American painter and the creator of a television program called “The Joy of Painting”. After binge watching a whole season on Netflix, he suggested they get some paints, canvases, brushes and give it a go. This they did, setting up under a large oak tree in the front yard. By means of a centrally positioned iPad Bob Ross guided their every stroke with his calm whispery voice and detailed demonstration. A couple of hours later they had produced their first landscape paintings.

That was the beginning – her boys had fun and were content with one painting but Tania was completley hooked! She hasn’t stopped painting since. Rarely a day goes by without her putting brush to canvas.

Tania's background

Throughout her creative career, Tania has enjoyed working in a diverse range of roles including 12 years in advertising at The Age newspaper, as a voice-over artist and media presenter and as a director of a Graphic Design company.

"I have enjoyed all these endeavours and while painting began as a creative experiment with my children, I never anticipated falling so completely in love with the expression and freedom it provides. It meets every creative impulse I have and is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction."

Discovering my love for painting has not only enriched my life but also taught a valuable lesson. Fear is a very negative and crippling emotion. It can prevent you from trying new things and in so doing limits your potential. I am not talking about fear of  high-risk activities and encouraging people to take risks for the sake overcoming healthy fear, but rather overcoming fear of failure and being willing to just try. How many times do your hear people say, “I couldn’t do that!” And maybe they couldn’t, but how will they know unless they try. If, “I couldn’t do that!”, is based on fear or worst still, laziness, then it should be challenged and overcome. Life is a precious gift – don’t let fear rob you of a enjoying a full life!

Exhibitions / Awards

Winter Salon | UP Gallery | Sassafras | 2024
40x40 | Bluethumb Gallery | Richmond | 2024
Mansfield Invitational Art Show | Mansfield | 2024
Biophilic | Art Lovers Gallery | Collingwood | 2024
Summer Salon | UP Gallery | Sassafras | 2024
Statement Makers | Bluethumb Gallery | 2023
Top 10 Best Selling Artists | Bluethumb | 2023
Who Would Have Thought | UP Gallery | Sassafras | 2023
Out & About | YAVA Curated Space | De Bortoli | Yarra Valley | 2023
Hidden in the Hills | UP Gallery | Sassafras | 2023
Top 10 landscape Artists 2023 | Bluethumb
The Springs Exhibition | Wahbra | 2023
Art Lovers Australia Collectors Exhibition| Melbourne | 2023
Top 10 Bestselling Artists on Bluethumb | 2022
The Other Art Fair | The Cutaway Sydney | 2022
Finalist – Bluethumb Art Prize | 2022
Abstracts Exhibition – YAVA Gallery, Healesville | 2022
‘In the Flow’ – Exhibition – 26 Advantage Gallery | June 2022
Featured Artist Interview – Bluethumb | May 2022
Shortlisted Art Lovers Australia Prize | 2022
Finalist – Bluethumb Art Prize | 2021
Solo Exhibition ‘One Day Only’ – Canterbury International Hotel | Sept 2021
International Womens Day Exhibition – WHO Gallery – Malvern | 2020
MAVA Collective Exhibtion – Ferntree Gully Gallery | 2020
‘5 Contemporary Australian Artists to Watch in 2020’ – Singulart Feature | 2020
Top 20 Finalist – Art lovers Australia Prize | 2020
MAVA Collective Exhibition – AGRA Gallery – Camberwell | 2020
Solo Exhibition – ‘Horizons’ – Memo Gallery – Healesville | 2019
Featured Artist – Tusk Gallery – Kilsyth | 2019
Shortlisted Art Lovers Australia Prize | 2019
International Womens Day Exhibition – Guggenart – Malvern | 2019
Group Exhibition – Red Gum Gallery – Olinda | 2019
Solo Exhibiton – Round Bird Can’t Fly – Lilydale | 2019
Mornington Peninsula Art Show | 2018
Box Hill Art Show | 2018


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