West Of Dreams

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Artwork Description

West Of Dreams is an original landscape by Tania Chanter inspired by the awesome power and majesty of the Australian Shipwreck coast. This poem by Nathaniel Hawthorne captures my feelings eloquently; “The ocean has its silent caves, Deep, quiet, and alone; Though there be fury on the waves, Beneath them there is none.”

In any abstract piece simplification is most effective when combined with targeted complexity. This can be a powerful combination which you can use to really emphasise areas in the painting. Learning how to take complex subjects and simplify them down to abstract forms is a major aspect of art. Most people think that art is all about seeing more detail, but it is really about seeing less. Seeing basic patterns amongst the "noise"; seeing basic forms amongst the complex; seeing the few important details which convey the majority of meaning.

Picasso took it a step further by adding the mythical bull between the realistic and abstract depictions. This represents the exaggerated perception of the bull. Perception is what allows everyone to experience the world in a unique way and it is why art is so diverse.

Layered acrylics and inks on a texture base on stretched cotton canvas. This painting is double glazed and is finished with blackened edges and is ready to hang. The Artwork is stamped on the front, and signed and dated on the back, and will be securely packaged for your peace of mind. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided for your peace of mind.