Velvet Plains of Hope (180x90CM)

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Artwork Description

Velvet Plains of Hope by Tania Chanter.
In this captivating aerial landscape painting, the canvas is bathed in rich suede and velvet earthy tones, creating a sumptuous and tactile representation of the natural world. The perspective from above unveils a serene and expansive scene, with a river flowing horizontally through the centre of the canvas.

The river meanders gracefully across the landscape. Its presence is a visual anchor, cutting through the textured canvas and adding a dynamic element to the composition. 

On either side of the river, tiny green trees stand as lush, miniature sentinels. Their foliage is delicately painted in verdant hues, offering a contrast to the earthy tones that dominate the canvas. These miniature trees add a touch of life and vibrancy, creating a harmonious balance within the landscape.

Dotted throughout the scene are three dry dams, their tranquil surfaces reflecting the surrounding earthy tones. The dams become focal points, adding visual interest and depth to the composition. 

The overall effect is a luxurious and immersive aerial landscape, where the combination of suede and velvet earthy tones captures the essence of a peaceful, untouched natural setting. The flowing river, tiny green trees, and reflective dams create a tableau that invites contemplation and a sense of serenity, as if the viewer is momentarily suspended above this enchanting and earthy realm.

- One of a kind original painting.
- This painting is on stretched artist quality canvas with an internal wooden frame and blackened around the edges, so looks great from all sides. It would also look wonderful in a timber floating frame.
- All of Tania's original artworks are signed and named and include a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
- Packaged securely.
- Free delivery.
- For other sizes and colours commissions are welcome.

Tania is an Australian contemporary artist who has the desire to express emotion she feels from nature. Her feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve until some secret inner part feels satisfied. The depth and richness of the colours, the complexity of the sky – the romantic feeling of stormy clouds, the churning foam of the ocean on those days and the sunlight playing through tall grasses as they bend and wave. From the sweep of the vast landscape down to the bee among flowers, natures inspiration is endless.
Tania's work is represented in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas.