Tusk Gallery

Tusk Gallery

by Mike Chanter on Nov 23, 2018

Breaking into a new market can be a little daunting. A few months ago I visited Tusk Gallery in it's new home in the Melbourne suburb of Kilsyth. The front windows were proudly displaying two large works by Joan Blonde. I knew immediately this was a gallery where I would like to exhibit my work.

The Problem

It's not finding galleries that's the problem, it's dealing with the self-doubt. Is my work good enough? Will they like it? If they do like it, is it the right price?

Once you overcome your own internal voices, approaching the galleries is not all that difficult. So, here's what I did. I sent them an email with a resume and some examples of my work. That's it. Then I waited. After a couple of days I received an email from Georgina at Tusk asking me to come in and bring some of my work for them to have a look at. That was exciting news, only problem is, now the self-doubt moves in to phase two. All the same questions, but now they are accompanied by a nervousness and anticipation that can lead to a sleepless night.

The meeting went well and I am very happy and feel so privileged that Tusk Gallery is now displaying my work.

Tusk Gallery is a leading Australian Gallery who present an eclectic, diverse selection of art through their “physical”gallery and Online Gallery. Georgina and Gary were extremely helpful providing me with some useful advice on sizes and framing, and were an absolute pleasure to deal with.