by Mike Chanter on Jan 16, 2020


Selling your art internationally opens up a whole new market for your work. But how do you go about doing it? Sure you can sell internationally from your own website, however getting international buyers to your website is very difficult. So what has worked for me?


Singulart is an online art gallery based in France. According to their website this is their philosophy:

"At Singulart, we are convinced that the digital space is an invaluable tool for bringing transparency and equity to the art market.

We provide artists with the tools that enable them to independently manage the sale of their works. Our team is working around the clock, committing their energy to promoting Singulart artists to a global audience.

In showcasing artists around the world, we also hope to allow art lovers and collectors alike to explore new artistic horizons, to embrace new cultures and to be inspired by the works of talented artists that they never would have come across if it wasn't for Singulart."

From my experience Singulart certainly lives up to their ethos. They are very efficient, treat their artists with respect and go out of their way to negotiate with clients to ensure they are happy.

Singulart actively promotes their artists through a variety of means, including their online magazine, as well as the usual social media channels. As an example, I was recently featured in a magazine article. READ THE ARTICLE>

Thanks to Singulart, to date, I have sold paintings to the US, France, Germany and Austria.


To join Singulart you appply online. There is a selection process and as of writing this post they had the following message on the application page:

'Please bear in mind that we are victims of our own success and have been receiving many applications for the past few months: applications are still possible but no answer will be given before the month of January 2020.

Thank you for your understanding!'

'Wild Reality' - Sold by Singulart to a collector in Austria.