Chasing Solitude (190x100CM)

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Artwork Description

Chasing Solitude by Tania Chanter.
In this evocative moody abstract seascape, the canvas is transformed into a mesmerizing dreamscape where the elements of nature collide with intense emotion. The sea, rendered in deep aqua blue, undulates with a quiet strength, its waves capturing the essence of both calm and hidden turmoil. The dramatic clouds above, painted in striking magenta, red, and rose hues, dominate the sky, creating a sense of brooding intensity.

The movement in the clouds is palpable, conveying a dynamic energy that mirrors the unpredictable nature of the sea. Wisps of magenta and red streak across the canvas, suggesting the interplay of atmospheric forces and the ever-changing moods of the ocean. The fusion of these intense colors creates a visually arresting contrast against the darker, more subdued tones of the sea, highlighting the emotional depth of the scene.

As the waves crash against unseen shores, there's a sense of mystery and anticipation, as if the sea holds secrets waiting to be revealed. The use of magenta and red hues in the clouds adds an element of warmth, creating a fiery backdrop that enhances the overall emotional impact of the seascape. The combination of deep navy blue with vibrant reds and magentas evokes a sense of both melancholy and passion, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the complex beauty of the natural world.

This moody abstract seascape with dramatic clouds is a symphony of emotions and colours, inviting contemplation and stirring the imagination with its powerful depiction of the eternal dance between the sea and the sky.

- One of a kind original painting.
- This painting is on stretched artist quality canvas with an internal wooden frame.|
- Gallery finished edges (blackened), so looks great from all sides. It would also look wonderful in a timber floating frame.
- All of Tania's original artwork are signed and named.
- All of Tania's work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
- Packaged securely.
- Free delivery.
- For other sizes and colours commissions are welcome.

Tania is an Australian contemporary artist who has the desire to express emotion she feels from nature. Her feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve until some secret inner part feels satisfied. The depth and richness of the colours, the complexity of the sky – the romantic feeling of stormy clouds, the churning foam of the ocean on those days and the sunlight playing through tall grasses as they bend and wave. From the sweep of the vast landscape down to the bee among flowers, natures inspiration is endless.
Tania's work is represented in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas.